September 2012

So we’re back from vacation, or “back to life, back to reality” as Soul 2 Soul so rightly sang. It’s taken us a couple of weeks to get over nasty colds that had us all sniffling away at the end of our holiday and we’ve finally gotten over the jet lag and baby T is back to a decent bed time. Ah everything has fallen into place. Just as everything comes together it falls apart again. That’s life!

Coming back to work after 3 weeks away was a bit of an awakening. Since having baby T and my time off work for maternity leave those 3 weeks away for our first family holiday were our first time in 8 months that we spent together day in day out. It took a bit of getting used to from both sides but as the holiday was nearing an end I realized just how attached I’d become to little Miss T and that going back to work was going to be tough.

During a casual chat with some friends they had asked if I would ever consider a certain career path that would have me traveling regularly at least once a month. My initial gut reaction was “no way, I can’t be away from baby T and live on the road” but I decided to keep my reaction to myself and replied that I would have to seriously consider it with my family. The response I got was “don’t you have a maid?“. Erm, excuse me? Well you see out here families hire ‘house maids’ or ‘domestic helpers’ to help with the house work and why not throw in looking after the kids too. In principle I would have no issues with this if these individuals were qualified as child minders or nannies. The reality is they’re not. Some were lucky that they were ‘good with kids’ and re-marketed their services as “nannies”. We had tried our luck with one such candidate and boy was that a sour experience. Despite glowing references basic hygiene was non-existent. There were so many red flags that had us recoil and decide to say “see ya!” to our brief ‘nanny’.

*Disclaimer: Before I get attacked this is by no means a generalization and many families we know are exceptionally happy with their ‘nannies’.

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