November 2013

It’s always personal …

November 13, 2013

So my plan to write more has become somewhat of a quarterly endeavor as opposed to a more frequent schedule such as monthly or dare I say weekly … I think I’ve been waiting for that “great post” to pop into my head and be inspired and once again through the wonderful words of Matt Cheuvront I am reminded to just write.

In Matt’s The Hustle newsletter he writes:

“And for a while, writing didn’t feel right. I didn’t have anything to say – or at least, not anything that I thought was worth your time. That’s because I was over-thinking things – a lot. When you start to force writing – when it becomes a chore, not a joy, the best thing you can do is to press pause and ask, “why?”

Funny, that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. Feeling like I should write but not knowing about what. Or thinking I need to edit the post to perfection and carefully craft my words. So I did hit the pause button probably by default of having a dynamo of a 2-year old running around. But here I am; trying to crack this writing thing again – because it feels good. I am also inspired by Doug Shaw’s impressive ability to pack a punch in a brief post that keeps you thinking. So here we go!

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