January 2014

Three weeks in …

January 17, 2014

So, we’re three weeks into the new year already …

I pondered over writing an end of year review and a pre-2014 post. Then I thought some more, what would I write, what have I learned. Then I would inadvertently catch a bit of the news and hear about something horrible. Then I’d lose inspiration. Then to be perfectly honest I just got lazy. This working Mama just needed to zone out and so I did. Back to work now.

More and more I’ve recently found my mind to be on overdrive, cluttered, weighed down by thought. If I could sum up 2013 it would be a mental roller coaster. I couldn’t stop thinking and the harder I tried the more exhausted I became mentally. Thinking about things that had happened, things that could happen and thinking of plan A, B, C scenarios to certain events. I only have one focus for this year and that is to get clear and slow down. Clear on what I want, what I’m good at, what I don’t want anymore of in my life and how I’m going to create that life and slowing down to be present and appreciate the every day moments. It’ll all start with cleaning up the cobwebs of my mind.

So here I go picking up Jamie Smart’s “Clarity” for a second round, hoping to soak in the understanding and let it settle in. During my winter sabbatical I’ve also come across a lot of great new resources and will be sharing my insights here. I also declare Pharell’s new song “Happy” my 2014 anthem.

I still don’t know what direction my writing will take this year but I sure hope you’ll stick around for the journey!

Photo credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net