June 2015

While it may seem far fetched that Eminem of all people would inspire this post; but then again my views and perceptions have been blitzed to shreds lately and I’m seeing that wisdom is all around even in the most unpredictable places!

May I have your attention please? Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? I repeat, will the real Slim Shady please stand up? – Eminem

I’ve been extremely fortunate to be able to experience a Clarity life transformation retreat with a group of open-hearted, courageous pioneers in the area of human potential last month. While I’d thought that I uncovered lots of layers of the true “me” and had let go of much “baggage” on the year-long Clarity journey I’d been on, I naively didn’t expect to get much more out of the retreat beyond rest, relaxation and fun in the sun. Well, I was wrong!

For the past thirty six years of my life I’d held on to strong ideas and beliefs about “who I was”, “what I liked”, “what I didn’t like” and so on and so forth. Little did I know that those ideas were made up of the same ‘nothingness’ that dreams are made of…Yet, I believed those ideas and saw them as truth and as a very clear depiction of “my reality”. Those were the cards I was dealt and I had to make peace with that. For years I’d tell myself I was a ‘short-tempered’ person; an ‘impatient’ person, an ‘unemotional’ person, a ‘hates-the-outdoors’ kind of person, a ‘doesn’t-wear-bright colours-ever’ person, and on and on. No surprise then that the shape my life took was a direct reflection of those made up ideas about this “me”. If you opened my wardrobe less than a year ago, you’d find different shades of black, grey and navy. The odd white or other neutral colour would make an appearance on occasion but I was cloaked in dark colours most of the time. Much to my poor Mum’s horror.

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