A Spoonful Of Sugar …

July 15, 2012

“Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, the medicine go down, the medicine go down-wown …” – Mary Poppins

I couldn’t help remember this song after a recent discussion with a fellow HR professional. I was asked a simple yet thought provoking question – what would a happy you be like in 10 years time?

10 years, wow. Right now my mind exists in daily survival mode. Juggling full time work and a teething 9 month old means my thought process has to be very organized and prioritized. Bottles sterilized. Check. Toys cleaned. Check. Presentation slides done. Check. Shirt pressed. Check. I’ve been walking around with a mental check-list ever since Baby T’s arrival and just a little before (I will blame the pregnancy hormones for my then diminished memory!) The reason this simple question threw me off was that I hadn’t really had the luxury of giving my long term career plans much thought since becoming a Mama. Every day was a feat to be overcome and an accomplishment in and of itself. My first response to the question was “happy in what area exactly, family, work, life in general?”. The answer I got was “the whole thing, what does a happy you look like in 10 years from now?”. Hmmm.

I believe everything happens for a reason and I now see that I needed to be asked that question at that moment in time. Sitting there I went into my mind’s eye and visualized myself 10 years from now. I shut out the mindless thoughts and mental clutter and there it was. I saw myself as a really busy full time Mama heavily involved in my kids lives and with my family but also a professional, a career coach and public speaker holding career talks at schools and universities and hosting my own career chat show on the radio (or whatever media platform would be the equivalent 10 years from now!). In that vision I had the perfect balance in both my personal and professional lives and everything was in sync. I was happy. For that brief moment that vision was my reality, 10 years from now.

Seeing that flash forward gave me an instant energy boost. It made the sleepless nights bearable. It made the daily grind worth it because that vision was where I was headed. It made me appreciate the daily mundane activities because I knew they were moments in time multiplying to carry me to that vision 10 years down the road. It made the time at work away from Baby T have meaning. It also made me realize the power of the whole. I didn’t see just my career or just my family in that vision, I saw the whole picture. It was one picture of my life. It was the spoonful of sugar I needed to make the daily medicine of life go down much easier. It made me realize that sometimes we need a little something to remind us that what’s in store is a better tomorrow and we just need to get through today to get there.

So what would a happy you be like 10 years from now? What’s your “spoonful-of-sugar” moment?


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