So, Who Am I?

ShereenLet’s start with who I’m not. I’m definitely not some alleged guru/expert on all things life and career that’s here to dish out recycled advice. I’m a passionate advocate for bringing humanity back to the workplace and reminding ourselves that we are human in the end and what that really means. Like many I’ve had my own ups and downs and navigated through life’s twists and turns changing careers three times in less than a decade and still searching for my bliss. I’ve had the wonderful opportunities in life to live, study and work in varied places like North America, the UK and the Middle East and being gifted at seeing an East and West perspective allows me to build lasting relationships with many great people along the way. I’m an avid reader, curious about people, what makes them tick and why we are who we are. Oh, and in October 2011 I became a first-time mom! In contrast to all the jobs/roles I’ve had I’ve never felt as unprepared for the biggest role in life I’ve been privileged to have and that’s being Baby T’s mama!

“On the Career Couch”

The idea for ‘On the Career Couch’ is really a culmination of all my ramblings and passionate pleas and comments on other wonderful bloggers’ sites as well as voicing my views on workplace dynamics, dysfunctions and delirium at various conferences and forums – so why not house it all in one place!

My career path hasn’t been quite orthodox or logical in a sense and I’d like to share my experience and what I’ve learned with others while also learning from everyone else’ experience.

I enjoy writing about experiences of life at work but framing it with a cultural lens in a globalized corporate machine in which we all (most of us at least!) exist. I also enjoy talking about these topics and have had a few of radio interviews discussing dealing with change and bringing our values to work. Who knows, maybe On the Career Couch will be a live radio program one day!

Disclaimer: Please note this is my personal blog. The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not represent views of my employer or readers.