Life Just Is.

March 5, 2014

My first post of 2014 and it’s March already. Two months down, ten to go. They just flew by. Some of those days were more memorable than others. Some were just a blur. What I realize now is they just were. Life just was. Passing as it does.

As I look back on the latter part of 2013 and the stress and anxiety I was facing and now at the first few months of 2014 and the calmer, mellower take I have on life I see that it’s not what’s “out there” that has changed. My perceived stressful, annoying, frustrating, [insert adjective] “circumstances” haven’t changed. Everything is still pretty much the same; but completely different at the same time.

So what changed? I started to actually see where my experience of life was coming from. It wasn’t the external circumstances, events, people, or situations I was dealing with. It was always and has always been from within. Life, the world, reality (whatever that is) just is. We ‘see’ and feel our own version of reality based on what we’re thinking in the moment. We’ve all been given a miraculous ability to think. I hadn’t really tuned in to that before. The fact that we can think. Yes, yes we think I hear you say, so what? This means our feelings, emotions, mental state, stress, anxiety – you name it – is only ever a product of our thinking in that very moment. Am I losing you now, OK good we’re getting somewhere!

I’ve been on a quest for personal and professional development over the last seven years where I’ve gone down the path of learning about mental techniques, hypnosis, NLP, positive thinking, affirmations, setting intentions – and the list goes on. Yet, nothing really stuck. I found myself struggling to “control” my thinking; “policing” my thoughts (here comes a bad thought, stop it, catch it, replace it with a positive one) and it was all so very exhausting. Until I stumbled on the simple understanding of how life really works. The human mind’s ‘operating system’ per se. Three simple principles: Mind. Consciousness. Thought.  As Sydney Banks revealed with his incredible insight to uncover these simple life principles “we are all just one thought away from mental health”. What a relief!

So what does this all mean; it means life as we know it just is. It’s to be savored, enjoyed and marveled over. The ordinary every moments, yes those clichéd ordinary moments. It means what I “thought” was the cause of my problems and mental anguish is not. It means. It was always me, all along. The phrase ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ seems quite apt. It means I have much less on my mind. I can’t quite describe it in words but it’s like suddenly life went into high-definition Technicolor. I find myself at random times giddy for no real reason other than I am alive and I will be OK no matter what. I’m always “one thought away”. Or I’d be just walking the corridors at work trying to keep professional composure while on the inside I’m doing cart wheels. Bizarre and amazing.

The journey never ends. This is only the beginning. Every day is a new chance to learn and unravel new insights. I hope you will stick around for the ride!

Peace & Love to all.


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Morten Hake March 6, 2014 at 7:34 pm

This is funny, seems like we’ve hed VERY similar runs. I’ve been on this personal development journey for 7 years as well, and just now the last 5 months have I discovered 3p/Clarity “through” my friend Jamie Smart (he actually sent me to your article!)

I can recognize myself SO much in this: “I find myself at random times giddy for no real reason other than I am alive and I will be OK no matter what.”

haha, I ‘liked’ your page, and looking forward to reading more, and maybe meet you one day.


Shereen March 31, 2014 at 1:27 pm

Thank you so much for stopping by Morten! What a coincidence to be on a similar journey! I am very grateful to have crossed paths with Jamie, he’s a gem. Happy to hear he sent you my post. Sweet. You’ve got a neat site yourself (except I can’t understand a word of Norwegian hehehe!!) … Likewise, I look forward to keeping in touch and hopefully ‘meeting’ in person one day via the 3P world 🙂


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