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January 30, 2015

What an incredible few weeks it’s been so far. I’ve just returned from module 4 of the Clarity practitioner program and can definitely say there’s been some behind-the-scenes gentle ‘software’ upgrade going on in my head!

Since then I have been going over the whole ‘natural’ versus ‘normal’ discussion Jamie shared with us and looking at the state of things going on currently at work, where our organization announced 7,000 job cuts over the next few weeks, insecurity and fearful thinking are running rampant in every corridor and meeting room at work. Yet, despite it all I’m finding myself in a space of still inner calm, I can’t explain or understand it but I am definitely noticing it more. My wonderment comes as my intellect trying to make sense of this because what we know as ‘normal’ in times of downsizing and layoffs is stress, worry, anxiety, fearful thinking (you get the hint…) and feelings of peace, calm, stillness are definitely not considered a normal state to be in – if anything they bring about strange looks and whisperings of living in denial; yet without trying to actively get myself into this calmer state-of-mind I’m finding myself more and more there, which begs the question then is this a natural occurrence?

This notion was put to the test recently when my whole perception surrounding our performance at a ‘high’ state-of-mind or a ‘low’ state-of-mind was shattered after a very rough morning a couple of weeks ago. There was some heavy rain overnight and as luck would have it my 3-year old’s nursery called early that morning to say there was a leak in the roof and it wasn’t safe for the children to come in so we’d need to find alternative child-care arrangements. It just so happened that I had an important presentation lined up that very morning. Somehow I lost the plot. I went into a state of panic and overwhelm that involved a lot of yelling about socks! While that panic-loop was playing out thoughts of “I should probably just call in sick and cancel the presentation” and “I can’t possibly present in such a low mood” and on, and on started to surface….then all I remember was at one point the thought popped in “is this the whole story?”… “what if there’s more to this than you ‘think’ you know”…all I can then remember was an automatic flow of events, childcare was arranged, a calm drive to the presentation followed with no real agenda or plan of attack just showing up and responding to what showed up in the moment…and what a response…I stumped myself by the creative flow of ideas that took place, I didn’t prepare or plan yet I was able to tap into a wealth of ‘content’ in the moment and it all flowed coherently and articulately…for a split second it was as if I was hovering above the ‘me’ that was presenting and wondering “who is that??”…

This got me thinking how many times have I backed out of something because of a ‘low feeling’, how many times had I declined opportunities because of a bad mood and the expectation that bad mood = non-productive state or at least that was my “normal” association. Understanding the natural self-clearing design of our minds means that we have access to a clear mind and infinite creativity and resilience whatever our feeling state. Our feelings are only a mirror reflection of whatever form our thoughts have taken in that very moment, they are not a barometer or predictor of anything else. They are not informing us of how things will turn out or what day we’ll have. They’re only making visible what form our thinking has taken in that moment. No more. No less.

With this insight the world looks more like an open playground to discover and experiment with, it is a freeing and empowering understanding to know that we always have access to our inner resilience whatever shape the world ‘looks like’ to us at any moment. What a relief!

I’m ready to stand out and embrace my new normal. Are you?



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Matt Tooth January 31, 2015 at 8:36 am

The new normal is well overdue Shereen and it seems so strange saying it because the state you talk of is older than time itself but seems so foreign and illusive to our conditioned minds. It is time for us all to step back into natural and for that to be our normal once again.

I love hearing your insights and your openess to whatever plays out for you – whether that be moments of grace or shouting about socks, ha, ha.

Peace, Matt


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