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June 30, 2012

Finally. Over a year in the making and On The Career Couch is now live! I want to take this opportunity to welcome you and thank you for stopping by. What a year this has been. My biggest and most challenging ‘project’ yet has been Baby T’s arrival last October. She is truly my world. Little Miss T has our household wrapped around her tiny fingers so much so that Mama has had to put off her extra-curricular activities for the longest time (ie this blog!). On that note it feels so good to be back to writing, sharing and learning from others.

Now that I’m back expect to hear me rambling from time to time on something I’ve been reading about, podcasts or interviews I’ve listened to, or workplace stories I’ve heard about or had the pleasure of experiencing first hand: the good, bad and ugly. I’ll be discussing dysfunction and delirium in the workplace and then trying to make sense of it all looking at how all of these experiences shape our careers. I am a very passionate advocate of bringing humanity back to our workplaces and you’ll see that theme a lot in my writing. Of course not forgetting to link Baby T into the mix and how blissfully tangled up my world is these days. I’ve come to realize there really is no work/life balance. It is more a matter of integrating all the different facets of our daily existence and being fully present in each area and in my world that means juggling a full time job with full time mama-hood which is both an extreme joy and a massive challenge in its own. I am glad to be back. Enjoy the ride!

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